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Servicing and Calibrating a Pat Tester

Does my Pat Tester need testing?

Yes it does!

It is a portable appliance, so it needs to be checked. More importantly, it needs to be calibrated so that you know it is giving accurate readings. Our advice is to have the machine calibrated every 12 months, or every 6 months if you are using it constantly.

If your machine is giving inaccurate readings, then there is a possibility that it may 'fail' something which is unsafe, but more worryingly, 'pass' something which is not ok.

To have your machine calibrated, you should get in touch with your supplier, or contact PAT Testing Expert- they can calibrate and service all makes of pat tester, usually within a few days.

This link will take you straight to the calibration page on the t2technical web site.

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